11_ The New York Times


The New York Times is an American daily newspaper published in New York City and is the largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States.

The online Times’ version has been ranked one of the top Web sites due to its dominant presence on the web since 1996.

Viewers have access to most of the articles. However, sometimes access requires registration, though this can be bypassed in some cases through Times RSS feed.

The reason this website is successful is because it has a clear picture of how it is pitching at. The design is subtle, endeavoring to communicate clearly, and drawing the attention where appropriate. The navigation is made easy; it takes only few clicks to find the information wanted.  Its homepage is the source of the information. The site structure is visible on every page.  Because all pages share the same predictable design structure, the viewer is not lost, he or she understand how each piece of information on the site are related to the rest of the site.


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