3_ Freedom House


Freedom house is an international non-governmental organization, based in Washington. It does research and advocacy on human rights, political freedom as well as democracy. Every year the organization publishes a report, which assesses the degree of perceived democratic freedom in each country.

Moreover, the organization produces Freedom of the Press. It is a yearly report which evaluating the level of editorial independence and level of freedom enjoyed by the press in every country. The evaluation is based on a scale from 1 to 100, the latest being the less free. The nations are then classified as free, partly free or not free depending on the rating.

Through this website people have access to many sources of information thanks to many different links such as the latest featured news, the latest publication and press releases on freedom. But the best feature of this website is the fact that it can be access in many languages. Therefore everyone really has access to the information displayed. Giving access to the information, especially regarding such topic, to different people from all over the world is really a plus. The link is located on the right hand corner of the site, so that people see it at soon as they enter the site. The site is clearly built based on the Z pattern, a so-called lazy reading pattern adopted unconsciously by readers. The eye firstly focuses on the optical centre of the page; it will then sweep from left to right and down the page. It is a very effective layout technique used to keep the readership’s attention.


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