7_ The Free Press Organization


Free Press is a nonpartisan organization working to improve the media. Through education, organizing and advocacy, it supports the diversity and independency of media ownership, strong public media, and universal access to communications. The organization focuses mainly on: media consolidation, the future of Internet, public media, quality journalism as well as civil rights.

The whole website is interactive and agreeable to the eyes thanks to the way links had been displayed (not in straight rectangles, but in rounded shapes instead). The designers used Javascript to achieve this performance (by looking at the sources of the page).

Moreover, the site is very functional even though it lacks in images. It offers a variety of information on all its primarily points of focus.  On the top right hand corner viewers can subscribe to receive alerts on daily headlines. Which therefore should mean that fresh content is added on a regular basis. This feature is a key element to make people keep on coming back to the site. Indeed people will not visit a site over and over again just to see something they have already seen.


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