9_ The Issue


The Issue is a non-partisan blog newspaper. It presumably aims to provide a “window to an emerging world of diverse and informed opinion”. The reason behind the blog was to create a borderless newspaper by “combining the democratization and diversity of new media with the format and editorial standards of traditional news”. Today more than 40% of the readers read blogs, therefore it is a major tool to display the information.

A blog makes it easier to alter the content. Indeed, by using the blogging technology, one can keep its site updated without having to get into coding.  Choosing the colors of the fonts for example is much more simpler. No need to write any codes or to search for the right color on a color code chart. Simply click on the desired color when editing a text.

This blog is appealing thanks to the color used, light green and black fonts on a white background. It contains six pages, so the reader does not get lost in the flow of information.


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