10_ The Committee to Protect Journalists


The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is an independent, nonprofit organization. Its aim is to promote press freedom and defends the rights of journalists.

The CPJ publishes an annual worldwide survey of press freedom, articles, special reports and a biannual magazine: Dangerous Assignments. In addition, it administers the annual CPJ International Press Freedom Award. Honoring for example journalists who have suffered from threats, intimidation or imprisonment for reporting the news.  Yearly, the committee compiles a list of journalists killed worldwide while doing their job.

Images are a really powerful tool to make people understand an idea quickly.  On this website, the logo picture illustrates the whole idea of the site: the press cruelly being assassinated. It is appealing to the brain. Once one starts to look at it, the needs for details comes…leading the person to want to know more, to read more, to explore the site more in depth.

The site creator really worked with the power of images. For example, on this page, on the left hand side, under the menu bar, by scrolling down, the viewer can see pictures of the dead journalists. The fact that these pictures are in black and white increases the affects the emotions the viewers will feel: death, gravity etc.


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