14_ International Press Institute


International Press Institute (IPI) is a global organisation, which aims to promote and protect press freedom and the improvement of press practices. It was created 59 years ago. Its members are mainly editors and media executives working for some of the most respected media outlets over 120 different countries.

IPI plays a role of consultative with the UN, UNESCO and the Council of Europe. It role is to monitor press freedom worldwide and to respond to threats and attacks against journalist and media outlets.

In addition, the organisation has an affiliate named the South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO). The SEEMO monitors media freedom in the southeast Europe and facilitates journalism exchanges and workshops.

Its website differs in some ways from the ones I looked at before. It uses a background image rather than a plain colour, with variation of colours going from light blue to dark blue. Some links are illustrated by images rather than by words (at the bottom of the main page), so the viewer has to go to the image to actually realise it is a link. This is a bit confusing. Other than that, it has a link to its own blog, which is good as people tend to be more and more interested in reading blogs. In addition, it has a Twitter link, very popular these days (a good way to get more people to visit the site).


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