17_ The National Coalition Against Censorship


The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) was created in 1974. It is made of nearly 50 national non-profit organisations. These 50 organisations are groups representing literacy, artistic, civil, religious liberties…etc.

They all share the belief that freedom of thoughts, inquiry and expression has to be defended. Therefore, they work to the education of their members and public about the dangers of censorship and how to fights them.

The website displays reports of censorship events, investigations and debates on issues related to freedom of expression, as well as a database of legal cases in arts and archives of NCAS’s quarterly newsletters.

The website designed was made using Javascript, and html codes (by looking at the sources). The designers used tables to display the content. The site is “refreshing”, probably due to its interactivity. For example, there is a map displaying information boxes when the mouse cursor hovers a hot spot like on the menu bar,  so that the viewer does not have to go to another page to once again select what he wants to look for. This is a great tool. Indeed people spend on average 30 to 40 seconds on a page. If the content is not accessible, or too complicate to access, it is very likely that they will navigate to another site.


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