19_ International Media Support


Based in Denmark, International Media Support (IMS) is an international non-governmental organisation.

Its mission is to promote stability, dialogue, peace, democracy, freedom of expression and pluralism of the press in places affected by conflicts, political transitions…etc.

The IMS work is done in a cooperative and collaborative way, to encourage coordination with existing local and international initiative to the maximum.

As for its website, the IMS played the interactivity card. Short movies can be watch, and while doing so viewers have access to control buttons for example.  Flash must have been used for this. The fact of adding its own movies is a great way to attract viewers. Indeed, people always want more interactivity, they do not want to be bored. They want to access information easily and interestingly. Therefore associating images and sound gives energy to the site. People are more likely to come back to it again.


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