12_ International Freedom of Expression Exchange


The International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) was founded in 1992. It is a global network of 81 non-governmental organisations. Its aims are to promote and defend the right of freedom of expression.

Through the Internet, IFEX exchanges information and mobilises actions on many issues like press freedom, media concentration and attacks on journalists, human rights defenders or freedom of information legislation.

Its website is multilingual. Indeed it is available in French, Spanish, English, Russian and Arabic.  It contains the largest searchable online archive of information on free expression violation.

The article displayed on this page (available in French, English and Spanish) for example is on a Russian journalist who allegedly committed suicide according to the Russian authorities, when obviously she was murdered. It illustrates very well what the whole website is about and how it reaches its goals.  The page is not overcrowded with distracting images. The colours used emphasise on the serious tone to the site (red, black and white). The site is easy to access; the important links are in bold fonts so that people can distinguish them.


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