13_ World Press Freedom Committee


For more than 30 years, the World Press Freedom Committee (WPFC) provides leadership in the fight against licensing journalists, mandatory codes of conduct and many other news controls.

It was first created to wage an eventually successful global struggle in and around intergovernmental organizations to beat back authoritarian proposals for a restrictive “new world information and communication order”. Since then it has also conduct major international conferences to combat controls on news content in the media and to expose press censorship by repressive regimes like China for example. It also has presented a groundbreaking exposition of the case that press freedom is a motor for economic development.

As for the website by itself, it is really interactive. Indeed for example,  a sound is made when clicking on the options present in the menu bar.  It must have been done by using Flash. In addition, down the menu bar, the viewers can see a large image of two men with lockers on their mouths facing the world. This picture is very powerful, and it was really well thought as well as strategic to put it at this emplacement. We really get the tone of the website just on a first look.


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