The reason behind this blog

My name is Cory, s2576361.

This blog is one of the assessments for Writing for the Web. I had to look at 25 entries and write around 200 words for each. All of them at to be on the same topic and related to my studies.

I’m currently doing a Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (with photography as a specialisation). Before that I did a Bachelor in Journalism, majoring in Politics and International Relations. During my studies I did different assignments and researches on Freedom of the press, the status of journalists, their rights, the role of the media as a Fourth Estate and so on. Later on I am planning to get into Honours, and the subject will be based on the freedom of the press.

Because of my background studies, I decided it would be judicious to present some of the websites I used for my researches. Most of them are media NGOs working on protecting journalists and the freedom of speech in general. For each of my links, I firstly described the organisation and then gave my opinion on their official website, based on what I learn during the class and on my  personal judgment  as a viewer.


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